About Us

Girl, you're worth more than all the gold in the world

Stick and Wolf is jewelry for strong, independent women. Our unique designs are created with a passion for beautiful objects of the highest quality. We use the best materials: 14-carat gold (fineness 585) and precious stones.

All products are handmade according to traditional goldsmithing techniques. We create simple, yet modern jewelry, characterized by timeless elegance. We believe that it will join the ranks of your favorite accessories, and its unique design will inspire you to create beautiful, sensational styling.



Kasia Kijek-Kubejko
Kasia Kijek-Kubejko

A temperate optimist with fondness for colors.
Books, stationery and pom pom lover.

She is a Spanish teacher and a mother of one little boy - Kostek ♥

Ania Wilczewska
Ania Wilczewska

Spontaneous rationalist in love with coffee, boho prints and based-on-true-story movies.

She is an eco-businesswoman and a mother of two girls: Pola & Iga ♥♥